We Provide F-Style & Oblong Cans to Ontario and throughout Canada

F-style or oblong cans come in the 4 sizes pictured above and their oblong shape means that they can be easily stacked or stored compactly on a shelf. These types of cans are ideal for storing or transporting liquids. Screw-top lids are available as well as inner seal lids for pourable liquids. The screw top lids provide a smaller opening than paint cans and allow for extra control while pouring the liquid and added securing during transportation or heat changes. Typically known as “gas cans,” these F-style cans have many other uses.

We ship all across Canada as well as locally in Ontario. Call us today to speak with one of our professionals about your business needs and whether oblong cans are the best choice for your Ontario business.

  • F-Style cans available in 250 ml., 500 ml., 1 Litre, 1 U.S. Gallon.
  • Caps and inner seals from 1″ – 1 3/4″

Description: Gallon Oblong Can
Item #: TD02-TML-12330

Description: Quart Oblong Can
Item #: TD02-AND-BT0853

Description: Pint Oblong Can
Item #: TD02-AND-BT0893