Trust Tudor Can as Your Paint Can Supplier in Ontario

Our paint-style cans come in a variety of sizes and types. From small staining jobs to huge exterior paint jobs and non-paint uses, we have the cans that will keep your business running smoothly. Ask us about paint can linings and more. Our cans are equipped for the storage and shipping of paint, ink, solvents, and much more.

Call us today to discuss your requirements, pricing, and delivery options. We look forward to working with your business and becoming your paint can supplier in Ontario.

  • Metal paint cans available in sizes from 1/4 Pint to 1 U.S. Gallon, plain or lined.

Description: Gallon Metal Can + Ears
Item #: Plain: TD02-AND-BT0013
Lined: TD02-AND-BT0043

Description: Gallon Metal Round Can
Item #: Plain: TD02-AND-BT0023
Lined: TD02-AND-BT0053

Description: Quart Metal Can
Item #: Plain: TD02-AND-BT0203
Lined: TD02-AND-BT0223

Description: Pint Metal Can
Item #: Plain: TD02-AND-BT0333
Lined: TD02-AND-BT0353

Description: 1/2 Pint Metal Can
Item #: Plain: TD02-AND-BT0433
Lined: TD02-AND-BT0453